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We are open with new hours:

Thursday & Friday 
12-2:30 PM & 4-6:30PM
*no reservations needed unless party of 5 or more*

every other saturday we host an elevated 6 course farm to table tasting menu *by reservation only*

tasting menu Dates: 
june 15th, June 29th
July 13th, July 27th,
August 10th, August 24th

Welcome to Mauka to Makai Eatery, a remote elevated dining gem in Hawaii. Overlooking breathtaking mountain-to-ocean views, we celebrate the flavors of the land and sea with our exquisite farm-to-table dishes. Our commitment to locally sourced ingredients ensures fresh and sustainable dining while stimulating the local economy. Research shows that Hawaii imports 90% of its food, and 94% of its energy. We are proud to be the difference : we serve only food that is locally grown, and our kitchen and farm is 100% off-grid. 


From Canoe Crop ingredients to foraged treasures, our dishes showcase the richness and the abundance of local agriculture. Utilizing Beyond Organic Nutrition Grown TM techniques our vegetables are highly nutritious and vegetarian options are thoughtfully crafted. Immerse yourself in our inviting ambiance, connecting with nature and each other. Discover the stories behind each dish from our knowledgeable staff. Mauka to Makai Eatery offers a captivating culinary journey that honors the mountains, ocean, and the essence of Hawaii.

Luscious Palm Leaves
Lunch Menu - Large.png
Luscious Palm Leaves

Saturday sample tasting Menu

By Reservation Only - $125 per person - BYOB

November 18th Menu - Final.png
April 26th Menu - Final.png
Luscious Palm Leaves

Saturday sample Vegetarian Menu $125 per person

By Reservation Only - must be requested at booking

vegetarian sample Menu - Final (1).png
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